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Game controls hacks

Here’s 9 pages of game controls hacks. Enjoy!

Assignment #1: Rube Goldberg Machine

Team: Larry Baker Parinot Kunakornwong Marisela Riveros Mark Schindel DAY 1 We pulled apart most of the e-junk we had. One of the printers still worked and had movement so we decided to use it for our machine. MATERIALS: Guitar Hero Digital Video Recorder 2 printers (new and old) Internet router After putting everything apart, …

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Reading: Scrapyard Lessons

My first Scrapyard Challenge experience was last fall, when we did the MIDI workshop as part of our Interface Studio class. I relate to the text in its entirety, specially about being intimidated at first, being a novice and not having any physical computing background. I remember I went into the workshop not knowing what …

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E-junk Hunt

Thanks to this assignment I learned something about my town.  North Arlington, NJ residents are not to discard any electronic equipment on the garbage, or the sidewalk.  These artifacts must be disposed at 50 Disposal Road in North Arlington.  You can take it there yourself, or call the Town Hall’s sanitation department to arrange a …

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