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Facebook beeper

The goal for this was to find a functional beeper and have it relay facebook rss feeds. actually finding the beeper took a long time, so as a back up I attempted to make imitation beeper through arduino so it would achieve the same concept. There were some trials with this as well, now i’m …

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Final Project – concept

Here’s my idea for the final project :   +  +  +  +   I was lucky enough to win a bet with a friend (something about the melting temperature of a plastic..) and got his superb grammaphone!I started working on the project. Here’s what i want to do : i will place …

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Dead Tech Final_Knot & Lola

So for our dead tech project Knot and I wanted to ‘Revive the spirits of the African-American music from the old vinyls into the new living forms again’ hence we attempted to deconstruct and reconstruct vintage vinyls into traditional African masks and hoped to have our audiences trigger (snippets of ) music/ embedded (with sensors) within the masks that paid homage to …

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proposal for third project


Laser Mouse

Re purposed an old laser mouse by replacing the internals with a laser diode from a flashlight. A switch housed in the button controls it.


I didn’t really take deadtech and turn it into something different. Instead I created a different interface for the gameboy. I feminized the gameboy into a gamegirl. I’m slowly learning LSDJ so maybe one day I will be able how to create music.   I used a heart shaped box I had sitting around my …

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Progress _ Not & Lola

So just a recap we had an awesome amount of vinyl records and wanted to (try to) reuse them for a sculpture(s) for the upcoming assignment.  The inspiration came from Willie Cole Shine’s amazing abstract mask made from found heels so we thought we might try with vinyls. We initially thought it was hard to …

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Almost Dead Technology WIN

While this was featured on Failblog and the like, I think this is a great repurposing of one type of media for another. Would have been better if it was an old cassette tape container, but I think the idea still stands: link

Neil Seldman Lecture!

Here are my notes from Neil Seldman‘s Talk about Recycling in the US to our class on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Neil Seldman Talk Sustainability, decentralization, democracy, development, solid waste New Rules – laws needed for sustainable economy Economic development in rural areas. Garbage, solid waste Municipal Solid Waste – throw out 250 million tons …

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Project 1: Write up

1. Who was in your group? Elizabeth Clare and Xiaoye Lin (Lain) 2. What did you create? We built a switch that drops from a pole to trigger the motor on the printer to start spinning the conveyer belt. 3.What junk did you use to build your project? We used the motor and conveyer belt …

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