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Dead Tech Application – Floppy Drives

Here’s some dead tech and other mechanical bits being used to make music. The first one is a pair of old floppy drives playing the Imperial March from Star Wars.     Another from the same guy uses an old keyboard as an digital piano.     This one is less dead tech but it …

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Bose wave radio

I found an older model bose radio on the upper west side,  the display doesnt work, but it does have voltage. I tested several transistors getting different popping noises. My idea is to attach buttons and switches to several transistors. and make some kind of noise machine.

Midi Scrapyard Challenge

These are a couple photos and videos from last Sunday. My group created a four person accordion where we each had to give input in order to  get a sound to come from the circuit which ran through all four accordions. This was really interesting because despite the fact that we have collectively brought a …

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Madeline from will be talking in class today. Here is the link to her presentation.

Pictures from Project One!

Here are some pictures of our processes along with some of my sketches! Stay tuned for an awesome video!

The first assignment- rotating balls!!

Parinot and WenChing At the beginning of the class, I totally had no idea how to tell the grand and power and how to trigger these physical stuff. It seems that I still stand outside and didn’t know how to give help to another team member. Thanks for Katherine again that she agreed with my new …

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Weekend Trash Picking

Over the weekend I went to check out Occupy Wall Street, and while wandering the streets down there I came upon a dumpster that looked as though a company (perhaps a health insurance co.) had recently cleaned office or shut down. There were tons of old files and paperwork along with furniture, several dell desktop …

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Popping them Poppers

Here’s a progress report of our Rube Goldberg machine First of all we warmly welcomed with our whole hearts, our addition to the group, Joe. It was good having you Joe. We then managed to set up, with the damage to one of our printers under control,  a small chain of events, similar to our …

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My neighborhood and work Trash map

These are the basic areas where I am looking for salvageable stuff, havnt found much as of yet, A few power chargers and a noise machine. -Mark

Rube Goldberg Progress & Damange Report

Our group was able to get our hands on two old printers and had to do something with them. There wasn’t much electronics to work with so we decided to focus on the non-electronic mechanisms that we were able to trigger with what we have and to have fun! So this was what we were thinking: This …

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