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Updated Map and Assignment One

To date the useful things I have gathered on various trash runs include an epson photo quality printer, an oil lamp, poster tubes, a router, and a laptop mouse. Located below is a link to a map of my neighborhood and the locations of good trash areas or areas that I found the above material. …

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Augmented Reality Performance

This isn’t directly related to our class, but for the person who expressed an interest in Augmented Reality  (Was it Thor?) Here’s the link to the Manifest.AR projects taking place at the Dumbo Arts Festival Sept. 23-25. Check it out:


Lessons from the scrapyard: creative uses of found materials within a workshop setting: As I’m interested in Dada movement before and those found object as Art. It’s a very fascinating to me for this Scrapyard Challenge in the way that it’s a combination between DIY from Punk movement + Hacking + + ‘Low Art’ of …

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Welcome to Woodside!

The garbage collection has been a little off these past two weeks because of the hurricane then labor day but luckily I found some pretty neat things! Not a lot of electronics but lots of furniture!   Garbage Hunt Woodside Style

Junk Hunt

Since i’m a big fan of riding my bicycle i decided to do the hunt on two wheels. Some of the junk i have i found it a long time ago (the CO2 capsules). Right next to my apartment is a sort of dumpster where i can easily find metal and or electronics almost everyday. …

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Reading: Scrapyard Lessons

My first Scrapyard Challenge experience was last fall, when we did the MIDI workshop as part of our Interface Studio class. I relate to the text in its entirety, specially about being intimidated at first, being a novice and not having any physical computing background. I remember I went into the workshop not knowing what …

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Week 1: Reading

Response to: Lessons from the scrapyard: creative uses of found materials within a workshop setting One of the most interesting things to me about scrapyard challenge is how the class is going to be taught. I did not realize how hard it is to tech/learn skills such as hacking and circuit bending. This is another …

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scavenging for scrapyard

I after taking note of the trash piles around my direct neighborhood, I realized my trash was incessantly picked over. Therefore, I devoted a night to riding around Williamsburg with Kate Watkins in search of the best discarded junk. Here, and in Greenpoint, there are many industrial buildings that have been transformed into studios, so …

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