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Final project- “mouse”, “Candle”

The idea is that when people surf the internet and explore visual world, they only experience via ears and eyes. As designers, we should guide audience to experience artworks via their whole body. 3D and 4D movies are the best examples for this. Therefore, I think user mouse limits user’s sensory experience. And mouse should …

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Dead Tech: Usb controller project 2

So Success! Mostly… While there are tons of references for this type for hack on line , I have yet to port it universally throughout the os on my computer using a java script driver…but I have wired it into an ardiuno by mapping the circuit ports from the controller into serial buses on my …

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radio hack : more documentation

This shows the potentiometer working and linking to different online radio stations via itunes. Unfortunately, I did not press the audio button before recording! Also, here’s some documentation of the new radio we ended up working with:

Faxing Flowers

Here’s the blog post I did documenting my fax machine flower press. Dead Technology: Faxes to Flowers

Dead Tech Radio

Kate and I have spent the past month working on hacking into a radio and playing podcasts (little did we initially know, that Jnah had beat us to the punch 10 years ago.) The concept was based around the fact we both like the aesthetics and the physicalness of the ;rage knobs and the shifting …

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Deader Tech: Morse Code Radio

Radio Circuit

As we were first being told about this assignment, I had a lot of initial ideas for exploring the idea of “dead” tech, and finding in what ways a tech becomes dead (obsolescence of the technology vs. obsolescence of the media) or in how we can compare and contrast our modern devices with the old …

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WiFi Barometer pt. 2 This video outlines the whole project. From creating the housing to the actual implementation. After getting the wood piece back from the laser cutter, I stained the wood and made some holes for the glass vials. I wanted to put the LEDs inside something to keep it from looking simply like a huge wooden …

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Dead Tech assignment- NES usb controller

  For this assignment the class is tasked with revitalizing dead or out dated technology. I have decided to refit an old nes controller to work with a the usb ports so that I may play video games on my computer.   I have found an old nes controller and an old out of use …

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WiFi Barometer

Our latest assignment in Scrapyard was to repurpose some sort of “dead technology” to incorporate something new or more modern. I had an extra wifi router in my closet that I knew I wanted to do something with so I started there. I’ve always been annoyed at how ugly and messy routers can get: power …

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radio hacking