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National Geographic photo essay on High Tech Trash.

Lost tech project progress

Kate and I have decided to go with themes of broadcasting and who gets a voice. In the days that our vintage radios were made, the radio was the main focus of entertainment ¬†as well as news. Only a select few would get the opportunity to have their voice be heard. Today, with Utube, Vimeo, …

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Final Project – First On Twitter – Process III

Today I went dumpster diving!(photos) My favorite E-waste dumpster had the TV I was looking for! It was all the way in the bottom of the dumpster so I had to dive in! My mom took pictures and helped me get it out. There was a huge wood frame TV set right on top of …

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Final Project – First On Twitter – Part II

Finally! The tweets are coming in and I am able to write them on the screen and the text to speech is reading the text out loud! The next step is now to figure out how to bring in a television signal into openframeworks so that the tweets are displayed on top of live TV. …

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final project implementation

House of the Rising Sun Using Old Electronics!

This is the BEST video ever:

ARGO Electronics – Canal Street – Good Place For Junk

ARGO Electronics on Canal Street and 6th Ave is a great place to get used electronics and cheap junk for your projects: View Larger Map