(Final) Team Project: Rube Goldberg Machine

Lawrence Baker
Devon Dill
Marisela Riveros

Input switch #1:
Round metal covers
High gage wire

HP Printer
Guitar Hero whammy bar
Internet router antenna

Input switch #2:
High gage wire
Internet router antenna
Round metal covers

Metal pannel
5 PC fans

Microsoft mouse
Cabinet rail wheels
4 gage wires
Plastic sail with pirate flag drawn on

Computer power supply

Heat sink

Embroidery hoop
Construction paper

Our Rube Goldberg device was placed before the last device on the line. A pully triggered our first input switch. The first input was built out of two metal pieces we held open with a high gage wire. Once triggered the printer turned on and the cartridge holder moved from left to right. We attached the guitar hero’s fretboard to the ink cartridge holder so it would hit the whammy bar, which would then spin around and loosen the high gage wire holding open the second switch.
The second switch triggered a set of 5 fans that will push a pirate car down the metal ramp.
We added a robot character to the device by hot glueing the heat sink and putting a crown on top as part of the face.
Each component of the device emerged organically from unassembling all the artifacts we had. The process felt like putting a puzzle together, but in this case the outcome was unpredictable. Each time we grabbed a loose piece thought “what can we do with this?” and “how can we make it do something?”
Those questions were what drove our machine to have some character and to make our final output into a pirate sail car built from a microsoft mouse.

Work videos

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