Final Project : Taste of Email

Final project Lost Tech / Found Tech : Taste of Email 

As we are in the digital age when everything is transformed in the screen. Hence we miss some other senses we had with objects as we used to have before. When I think of something ordinary that I do everyday like email, I would want to revive the feeling of sending a letter, especially the moment of closing an envelope that one has to lick the cover to close an envelope.

To make this project, I created an email application, which connected with an interface device that user has to lick to send an email.

For this project, to code in processing was very hard for me, since I’m not really familiar neither with coding and physical computing. Luckily I got some library codes to adapt to make this project, yet it’s hard to understand those codes and combined them all. I used a code ‘Simple E-mail Checking’, by Daniel Shiffman, for the function that connected to email account in the Internet and I used ControlP5, by Andreas Schlegel, to make an interface and importantly a lot of help from friends too. For a licking interface, I used unconnected two wires as opened circuit and used water from tongue to connect the circuit. To connect Processing to Arduino, it’s harder because water is not really conductive enough for Arduino. Hence Leif helped me by using ‘StateChangeDetection’ code in Arduino example and invert some statements to make an input more sensitive. In the end, it worked, even though too many emails would be sent in one time.

Here I tested if the circuit would work


An interface device for a lick connected to Arduino.

Arduino code

interface coding in processing, this one couldn’t do word wrapping so I seperated to many lines as in the old typewriter.

Finally Ben helped me to make the word wrapping functional

with a lick, an email sent!


Library code :
ControlP5 by Andreas Schlegel
Simple E-mail Checking by Daniel Shiffman

Special thanks to :
Jonah Brucker-Cohen,
Katherine Moriwaki,
Isaac Malca,
Leif Percifield,
Benjamin Jens Norskov,
Ramiro Corbetta,
Lola Ye



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