Junk Hunt

So I just moved to Downtown Brooklyn, by way of California, and I would have thought there would be tons of electronic junk hiding in the crevices of all the buildings. I was so mistaken. I’ve been making it a point to explore/learn my neighborhood everyday, and I have yet to see anything useable for this project. Last night, was my first documentation of my junk run(s). I mostly come across some regular trash, recyclables, and broken furniture. Everything has pretty much been bagged and sealed, so I use my foot to tap the bags in hopes that I would feel some type of electronic shelling. No luck. I even wandered into the garbage rooms of other buildings, but there was still nothing visible for the taking. After all my searching outside, what I was looking for was at home all along… 🙂 My roommate blessed me w/his old Blackberry and a broken printer. It’s not much, but it’s a start. The next time I look for electronic junk, I’m definitely venturing into a different neighborhood.

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