Junk hunt

After hurricane Irene, I moved to the new apartment in East Village around Ave B-C. This assignment gave me an opportunity to walk back home after school and also to look around my neighborhood. Normally every night I always see that people put black trash bags in front of their buildings but never looked closely what they were.

In the first couple days I didn’t find any electrical junk. One night, I found a vacuum cleaner in front of Thai restaurant. I remember people in the class discussing about bedbugs which made me not so sure if I should take this back home, since my new roommates are really conscious about germs and cleanliness. Luckily I met a Thai chef, very generous, and talked to him about this project. He suggested me to take just the core part of it and he knocked the dust out without any hesitation. I slowly put that core part of the vacuum in plastic bag. A little bit further from that restaurant, I found another huge television screen, but too heavy to carry back. After that just a few blocks before reaching home, I found another guitar game controller on some junk bags. The minimart around there kindly gave me a box to carry that guitar controller home.

A minute I show my roommates how I got those things, they told me if we had to do the bedbugs terminating, you would have to take responsibility for everything. Hence, I moved back to school and tried to hide those junks somewhere last minute before they closed the building. I realized how mysterious of the story behind those junks in the street and also issues behind them, which should be thought carefully.

One thing almost forgotten, I found a very cool CD shop, which remind me of the term ‘Dead Technology’.


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