Rube Goldberg (a little late): Party Popping Animals

I did not see another post from our group, so I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to individually upload something for the final or as a group. My group consisted of Lola, Phil, Joe (awesome last addition), and myself… I do not have many of my own photos, but I do have a video of the entire class’ attempt at cohesiveness 😉

We didn’t have the coolest junk, but theatrics was something we weren’t short of. Being blessed with two printers (one of which was my contribution) and a fan, we were determined to make something fun. I went various dollar stores to look for cheap enhancements. I found party poppers and confetti money. The idea was for each pull/slam, it would trigger a popper. The money was supposed to shoot out of the printers after being loaded into the back. I had the “initiating printer.”

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