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The Videola

I graduated last year with a bachelor’s degree in what is called “Film Studies,” because a majority of the movies we watched and wrote about were shot on film. I also grew up in what will be the last generation to have seen a major motion picture premiere that was originally shot and edited on …

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WiFi Barometer pt. 2 This video outlines the whole project. From creating the housing to the actual implementation. After getting the wood piece back from the laser cutter, I stained the wood and made some holes for the glass vials. I wanted to put the LEDs inside something to keep it from looking simply like a huge wooden …

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WiFi Barometer

Our latest assignment in Scrapyard was to repurpose some sort of “dead technology” to incorporate something new or more modern. I had an extra wifi router in my closet that I knew I wanted to do something with so I started there. I’ve always been annoyed at how ugly and messy routers can get: power …

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Rube Goldberg Video!

Here’s a video of our machine operating! Everything goes by super fast in the video, but to break things down here’s the flow: 1) The power gets activated. (Shown by pushing the ‘test’ button on the power supply) 2) Power activates the motor which sends the ink tray across the printer. Since the motor would …

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Trash Map

I live in Park Slope. Land of the stroller. I really love the vibe here, but our little neighborhood does more or less have a bedtime of 11pm. In my strolls around the block I didn’t find one bit of electronics to scavenge. Basically all of the side streets have very neatly arranged garbage cans …

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Reading Response

Lessons from the Scrapyard If I had known 15 years ago I would be reading an article in grad school that referenced both Legos and the movie Sneakers I think my head would have exploded. Both very near and dear to my childhood heart. I was too busy wasting my allowance on Star Wars action …

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