Trash Map

I live in Park Slope. Land of the stroller.

I really love the vibe here, but our little neighborhood does more or less have a bedtime of 11pm. In my strolls around the block I didn’t find one bit of electronics to scavenge. Basically all of the side streets have very neatly arranged garbage cans behind the little fence on the stoop. The avenues have a fair amount of business and shops to explore so anything of note that I found was along those. I made a little Google map which shows all of my findings.

I was really hoping to find some little kids toys with some speakers to rip out, or maybe some creepy old moving dolls, but unfortunately nothing came up. I’m sure stuff like that will be thrown out, it’s just a matter of being able to see it without just jumping on people’s stoops and digging through all their trash cans. (The main trash days are Monday and Thursday and recycling on Monday)


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