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Review: Morse Code Radio

Morse Code Radio

For our assignment on “Dead Technology”, I was lucky to find a perfect, little hand-held Magnavox radio. I was initially worried that it wouldn’t provide a lot of affordances for Scrapyard Challenge, as it is fairly simple, but it had such a nice form factor that I couldn’t not get it. At first I had …

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Review: In-Person Video Chat

LCD Chat Screen

Playing with the idea that many forms of modern technology have depersonalized the experience of communicating with others, I modified an LCD screen to allow for two people, sitting opposite one another at a table, to have a text-based chat session with other. The screen is (mostly) transparent, allowing for the users to see the …

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New Idea: In-Person Video Chat

Chat Screen Example

At the beginning of this project, I decided that I wanted to focus on the continuously lost and found art of communication. We, as a species, have developed countless ways of communicating with one another, always upgrading and changing the technology as go. And yet, most of us have removed ourselves from the most primal …

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Deader Tech: Morse Code Radio

Radio Circuit

As we were first being told about this assignment, I had a lot of initial ideas for exploring the idea of “dead” tech, and finding in what ways a tech becomes dead (obsolescence of the technology vs. obsolescence of the media) or in how we can compare and contrast our modern devices with the old …

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Almost Dead Technology WIN

While this was featured on Failblog and the like, I think this is a great repurposing of one type of media for another. Would have been better if it was an old cassette tape container, but I think the idea still stands: link

Scrapyard Junk Walk

Walking map

Even though I wasn’t here the first week, my neighborhood is perfect for finding lots of tossed out electronics.┬áIn fact, we’ve gotten a lot of stuff off the streets immediately around my apartment. Unfortunately, though, the few electronic items we’ve tried have all been broken, but I think that’s partially a matter of just bad …

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Reflections on readings

Lessons from the Scrapyard I’ve always had an interest in working with electronics, but since I never really got any practical lessons on how to do it, it always seemed like soemthing that only the technologically savvy could take on and work with. And this article really highlights what I have been wanting to do …

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