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Final Synopsis

The first project was the goldburg machine. I actually did not participate in the first project since I started to semester a little late, and had trouble meeting with the assigned group. I did like the final outcome, all of the machines worked together. The second project was the lost tech I converted a laser …

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Lost & Found Tech. Analog Tape Playing Guitar (project 3) Final Documentation

For my third project, I also worked alone. In this project was inspired by the genius of Nam June Paik and (then later) the Signal to Noise installation. In my rendition, as I continued with my cassette tape obsession, I tried to create an Analog Tape Playing Guitar. For my materials, I had (again) cassette …

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Final Documentation

    Anti-GPS 1 Anti-GPS 2 Above are images from  my final project concerning lost and found tech. It is an Anti-GPS designed to get you lost. In an environment where we rely upon technology to get us to where we are going as quickly as possible we often are not aware of our surroundings and lose …

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Final Project – The Grammoshield

I was lucky enough to win a bet with a friend (something about the melting temperature of a plastic..) and got his superb grammaphone. Here’s what i wanted to do : i will place a woofer inside of the grammaphone’s horn, and connect it to an amplifier, an arduino and a computer. It will basically …

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Assignment 1: Low Tech / Rube Goldberg Machine

Assignment 1: Low Tech / Rube Goldberg Machine Balls by Parinot and WenChing Around two weeks before the presentation, we started a new project with a new group. I and WenChing started to pick up some trash from the 4th floor of 66 W building. We found an apple desktop and a power supply. We …

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Tea Cups

For my final project for scrapyard I wanted to explore not only into lost and found technology but how this idea would relate to feminist theories. “Nuclear Families” are no longer a normal set american ideal and that stay out home moms, “housewives”, are phasing out. Yet society places these gender onto young girls and …

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The updated second project

  For the last project, I modified one weight scale and made it have sound when people sit on it, which thanks for Katherine’s idea and explained more about the meaning of dead technology in person. 😀 (At the beginning, the idea I had was that I could put the steel of weight scale on …

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Final project – Rescue (animation)

          Title: Rescue Year: 2011 Animation/motion graphics   This piece was made by Lola and I, both of us like visuals and wold like to try some different ways of interpreting new tech and old tech. I came up with the initial idea, and we together shoot the video and did …

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National Geographic photo essay on High Tech Trash.

Lost tech project progress

Kate and I have decided to go with themes of broadcasting and who gets a voice. In the days that our vintage radios were made, the radio was the main focus of entertainment  as well as news. Only a select few would get the opportunity to have their voice be heard. Today, with Utube, Vimeo, …

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