mp3 player 8 track final

My project was focused on bringing back dead sounds or sounds that are no long in use, like the sound of a rotary phone. So I set out to create an mp3 player incased in an old 8 track housing. The mp3 player was to contain 8 tracks of music and the music would be sampled through an arduino board and each track would slowly degrade over time. Slowly as the user play the tracked each track would become more and more warped, simulating the degradation that occurs with real analog 8 track tapes.

Alas, my labors were a failure at this time. Due to some voltage regulation errors while trying to get an Arduino uno to sample at a higher frequency, I burned it and it ceased to work. I then borrowed another board known as a Maple from a friend, and again I accidentally applied to much voltage during the project and ruined another board. But aside from these mistakes, I’m confident that the sampling effect can be achieved and I learned much from this project. I learned the inner workings of analog to digital conversions and about the coding of maple and so much more about electronics.


I also used anĀ oscilloscopeĀ for the first time.

And here is the 8 track cassette I purchased from Meeker flea market.

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