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mp3 player 8 track final

My project was focused on bringing back dead sounds or sounds that are no long in use, like the sound of a rotary phone. So I set out to create an mp3 player incased in an old 8 track housing. The mp3 player was to contain 8 tracks of music and the music would be …

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Research for Final

Who knew that some noises could eventually become as extinct as the passenger pigeon? Depending on your age, you or your kids or grandchildren may have only heard some of the following sounds in old movies, if at all. http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/106713      

Dead Tech: Usb controller project 2

So Success! Mostly… While there are tons of references for this type for hack on line , I have yet to port it universally throughout the os on my computer using a java script driver…but I have wired it into an ardiuno by mapping the circuit ports from the controller into serial buses on my …

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Dead Tech assignment- NES usb controller

  For this assignment the class is tasked with revitalizing dead or out dated technology. I have decided to refit an old nes controller to work with a the usb ports so that I may play video games on my computer.   I have found an old nes controller and an old out of use …

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