Dead Tech. Second Attempt After the Untimely Passing of my Apple Remote

So in my last post for this project, I left off with the intentions of turning one of my old retro controllers into an Apple remote. UPDATE. Terese’s Apple Remote Found Slain By Roommate in Reckless Movement of Furniture and Outright Clumsiness. Now that my poor remote is no more, and it is not within my budget to purchase another, I have been forced to move down another path.

This other path has led me to cassette tapes. They are cheap and I found lots of them in thrift stores around the city. I have decided to turn these cassettes into ID cases, and not the ID cases they are typically turned into – gutted on the inside with a rubber band around it. I want to make these into functional pieces that are connected and can open and close without disassembling the entire thing. The only materials I will be using are lots of cassette tapes (the kind that come with screws so that I will be able to take them apart easily). At the last minute I decided to deconstruct the radio as a part of the accessories so I could keep my radio/cassette/music theme going.

Documented below is the deconstruction of a cassette tape (repeated several times).







Then the decoration process.




I’d attempted to use these hinges first, but none of them fit, which is why I opted for the fasteners shown above.

Now for the complete deconstruction of the radio.





And I also found a bag to be the casing for the radio.

End Result.

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