3rd Project….I am obsessed with cassette tapes

After mulling over it for a few weeks, I am still obsessed w/cassette tapes. Here is fun link on cassette tape culture. It isn’t really related to something I want to do for this project, but I thought it was kind of cool.

So I finally decided on combining my obsession with cassette tapes with something more related to technology. I found a cool project called Signal to Noise that is a newer version in the realm of Nam June Paik. For my interpretation of these awesome works, I would like to make an analog tape playing guitar. Here are my materials:

Paper Jamz Guitar Style 10 (found for free on Craigslist)

Olympus CTR 112 Cassette Recorder (donated from my aunt)

All 4 One Single of “I Swear” found at Goodwill. There is also another tape from the 69 Boyz I had as my backup plan, this was also found at Goodwill.

The deconstruction & confusion begins:




I wasn’t originally going to take apart the guitar, I was just going to make it a base for my cassette tape. But once I opened it up, I couldn’t resist trying to make the entire functionality of the project in the guitar. Alas, my electronic skills were not up to par. Larry kindly intervened.

And after much back and forth, soldering & connecting…

still nothing worked…


I need another cassette player so I can try again. I think I took apart too much of the recorder initially to know enough of what was going on anymore, hence Larry’s intervention. But I might’ve destroyed it too much to be salvaged. I do plan on getting it working, it just might not happen before the semester is over.

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