oops! I got one $0 vacuum yesterday!

Hello all,

Yesterday I saw one discarded vacuum on the street,  then I took it home!! hahaha 😀

When I got home and took the elevator, one of our residents told me that, “I have the same vacuum machine, and it is really useful.” I could not tell her that what she saw was one broken vacuum machine that I just grabbed on the street.

This is my first experience! How embarrassed but excited at the same time!!  But I just wonder that whether vacuum is great component to collect? In addition, I think there are three items I must take while I map my neighborhood and collect! That will be mask, student id, which is to show my motivation is for assignment :'(, and screwdriver likes the man, who was taking apart something that I TOTALLY had no idea! so professional!


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  1. The vacuum sounds great! I’m sure even if we can’t find something that works in there we you will still be able to use it for something!

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