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The updated second project

  For the last project, I modified one weight scale and made it have sound when people sit on it, which thanks for Katherine’s idea and explained more about the meaning of dead technology in person. 😀 (At the beginning, the idea I had was that I could put the steel of weight scale on …

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Final project- “mouse”, “Candle”

The idea is that when people surf the internet and explore visual world, they only experience via ears and eyes. As designers, we should guide audience to experience artworks via their whole body. 3D and 4D movies are the best examples for this. Therefore, I think user mouse limits user’s sensory experience. And mouse should …

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Junk hunting! (WenChing and Xiaoye)

Last Saturday, Xiaoye and I went to Upper West side for junk hunting. We started our route from 86 street to 77 street. When we considered to give up and  find somewhere else to restart the journal, there came a junk wonderland, see fig 01, we were so surprised and jumped in immediately. Actually, I …

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The first assignment- rotating balls!!

Parinot and WenChing At the beginning of the class, I totally had no idea how to tell the grand and power and how to trigger these physical stuff. It seems that I still stand outside and didn’t know how to give help to another team member. Thanks for Katherine again that she agreed with my new …

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reading: lessons from the scrapyard

  In last week, that was my first time to heard about the interesting term, ” lost technology.” For me, I think technology definitely bring lots of advantages to people, however, there must something we lost from this advance, such as friends. As international student, the only way I can contact with my Taiwanese friends …

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looking for discarded materials!

  After I got $0 vacuum, I keep try to find other discarded materials!   I found discarded television, toaster, stereo, and so forth! Actually it is not  quite difficult to find discarded electronic materials than I thought! I think if the discarded material you want has wheel, that will benefits you to carry to school! …

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oops! I got one $0 vacuum yesterday!

Hello all, Yesterday I saw one discarded vacuum on the street,  then I took it home!! hahaha 😀 When I got home and took the elevator, one of our residents told me that, “I have the same vacuum machine, and it is really useful.” I could not tell her that what she saw was one broken …

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