Assignment #1: Rube Goldberg Machine

Larry Baker
Parinot Kunakornwong
Marisela Riveros
Mark Schindel


We pulled apart most of the e-junk we had. One of the printers still worked and had movement so we decided to use it for our machine.

Guitar Hero
Digital Video Recorder
2 printers (new and old)
Internet router

After putting everything apart, this is what we have available and that is usable:

1 printer has slide/drop motion
Older printer not working, still not broken down.
1 motor from digi recorder hard drive
1 fan
1 touch sensor
1 lever
1 clicker

Here’s a video inspecting the newer printer prior to decide if we use it or not


Scrapyard Challenge Project 1 – Day 1


We watch the “This too shall pass” music video to draw inspiration and decided on what our part of the machine would do.
We finished pulling apart the devices we had, including the old printer.
The old printer doesn’t work, so from there we got the pieces to make the input for the machine. From the wireless router we got the antenna that holds the guitar hero leveler. We glued in part of the guitar hero’s neck to the printer’s cartridge holder so it can hit it once the printer is on.

Here’s a video of the motion and more pictures!

Scrapyard Challenge Project 1- Day 2

Our team grew!
Today we welcomed in our team Devon and Wen

We worked on a second switch and improved our current output.
The output built from the router antenna and guitar leveler was getting stuck in one of the guitar neck’s uneven shape so we taped it up to make it smooth. The new switch was built from the second metal hooked taken from the old printer and another router antenna. We attached a wire to the new switch hook and output antenna so it makes a connection after the first movement is completed.

We worked on building a second output. We tried using the daisy wheel but the shape and materials we had available were not the right fit to make it spin. Instead we connected the Digital Video Recorder fan to the second switch.
See the machine in action! Here’s a video of our complete Rube Goldberg Machine device!

Day 4
Our team change one more time! We continue working on our device and decided to add a car!

Day 5
We encounter some issues with the 9v battery and decided to use a PC power supply. We finished the car and added a ring of fire!
Here’s the video, watch very closely it goes by super fast!

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