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proposal for third project


Assignment #1: Rube Goldberg Machine

Team: Larry Baker Parinot Kunakornwong Marisela Riveros Mark Schindel DAY 1 We pulled apart most of the e-junk we had. One of the printers still worked and had movement so we decided to use it for our machine. MATERIALS: Guitar Hero Digital Video Recorder 2 printers (new and old) Internet router After putting everything apart, …

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Scavenging Adventures Epi 1

So I had the opportunity to explore two areas of Manhattan, the Upper West and K-Town, as I had to move twice within a week (urgh). I went scavenging alone (in daytime) the first round and my housemate wanted to join the second time (at night). 1) Upper West Prior to moving into my permanent …

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Welcome to Woodside!

The garbage collection has been a little off these past two weeks because of the hurricane then labor day but luckily I found some pretty neat things! Not a lot of electronics but lots of furniture!   Garbage Hunt Woodside Style

Junk Hunt

Since i’m a big fan of riding my bicycle i decided to do the hunt on two wheels. Some of the junk i have i found it a long time ago (the CO2 capsules). Right next to my apartment is a sort of dumpster where i can easily find metal and or electronics almost everyday. …

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Week 1: Reading

Response to: Lessons from the scrapyard: creative uses of found materials within a workshop setting One of the most interesting things to me about scrapyard challenge is how the class is going to be taught. I did not realize how hard it is to tech/learn skills such as hacking and circuit bending. This is another …

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Junk Search

I figured I might as well put this up here since I can update it as I go. Though I haven’t had much luck yet. Junk Map So far it’s been mostly trash and recycling with some old furniture. Maybe I’ll have more luck in my family’s neighborhood when I go visit for Labor Day. …

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