Junk hunting! (WenChing and Xiaoye)

Last Saturday, Xiaoye and I went to Upper West side for junk hunting.

We started our route from 86 street to 77 street. When we considered to give up and  find somewhere else to restart the journal, there came a junk wonderland, see fig 01, we were so surprised and jumped in immediately.

Actually, I think most Americans would categorized their garbage, therefore, those garbage didn’t have odor if we just looking for electricity stuff. This also allows us to find what we want in limited time. Also comparing to the first time of garbage hunting, I feel I am more brave to jump into those garbage. Even though the class is already over, I find that I have an habit of keeping an eye on on-street garbage when I walk on the street!




look! XiaoYe got a cleaner machine and baby wheel chair.

while WenChing got a electronic weight scale.


Here is the map for hunting on Saturday afternoon.



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