Dead Tech. Finds: Mini Stereo (Boom) & Retro Controllers

So for the second project (dead tech), I found a few cool items: an old radio


and two retro controllers.


I am not sure how these different items would function together, and since I am not electronically savvy this became a real concern for me. Through internet research I was able to find some information on these items, but nothing that was particularly useful. The mini radio I found was a Realistic AM/FM Radio Model No. 12-722, made by Radio Shack in 2004. The only info I was able to find was an Owner’s Manual, but I still wasn’t sure how I was going to use it. Despite all my internet searching, there wasn’t much info for the controllers. But I’ve heard that all controllers pretty much work the same, it’s just a matter of running tests to see which buttons are programed where. Nevertheless, I started taking things apart to see where they would take me.


After looking for some inspiration, I decided I would turn one of these controllers into a controller for my  Apple remote.

I located directions on how to do this via Stay tuned.

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