Final Documentation



Anti-GPS 1

Anti-GPS 2

Above are images from  my final project concerning lost and found tech. It is an Anti-GPS designed to get you lost. In an environment where we rely upon technology to get us to where we are going as quickly as possible we often are not aware of our surroundings and lose touch with the spontaneity and beauty of the world around us. This project is designed to force you to take the time to see the world by getting you lost. The device gives you one of four random commands each time you press the button. At each crosswalk you press the button and go in the direction the device tells you.

Night-Light 1

Camera Night-Light 2

Infrared Cam 1
These two images are about dead tech. I turned an old film camera into a night light by gutting the inside and installing a lightbulb.

Infrared Cam 2

The last two images are of the project about dead tech, it shows the construction of an infrared camera. By inserting a portion of a floppy disc (dead tech) into the mechanisms of a digital camera I created a filter that forces the camera to capture only infrared light. The images show the construction and and an example of the image the camera took.

Thanks everyone for a great semester! I really enjoyed the class. As a photo grad it was really refreshing and fun to work with a new medium, hope you all have a good break, happy holidays!

Devon Dill






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