Dead tech: Atari Blender

Atari 2600
Paddle control (1972)

Osterizer Blender
8 speeds
Purchased on or about 2002

Inspired on artist work…

I wanted to use the controller in something other than a game, or replicating a game.
I thought of connecting the controller to the laptop and use it as a switch control to play/ff/rew DVDs.
However, I chose to do this blender switch project instead, because I was curious to see if I could replicate the pictures we saw in class and make it work in real life.
Also, it seemed to be a project I could tackle and complete on my own and in the timeframe we had for the assignment.

Dead tech hunt pictues

Dead Tech hunt

Process Pictures

Scrapyard Challege Dead Tech

Video demonstrating Atari switch controlling the blender

The potentiometer worked regulating the speed, but it overheated and smoke came out of the atari controller, even though the potentiometer is a 1 Megohm = 1000000 volt/ampere
I am going to search for a resistor I can install to regulate the ampere going to the atari controller.

PS: I can’t wait ’till my mom sees what I did with the blender! LOL

After the potentiometer burn Jonah and Katherine suggested to use a triac
I connected it to the AC cord, then to a battery holder with 4 AA 1.5V batteries and the blender did not turn on. Then I tried using a 2 C 1.5V battery and again the blender did not turn on using the switch.
I tried again connecting the Atari controller directly to the blender and that worked again.

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