Lost Tech – Old Polaroid Camera + Light

For my lost tech i chose an old polaroid camera that i bought a year ago at a flea market in new york. I decided to modify in order to create a lamp. Basically everytime you “take a picture”, the lamp turns on, when you release it, it turns off. I had many problems with what could seem simple to do for different reasons. I bought a special light bulb that fits and replaces the usual flash you put on this camera. First of all, i had create a conductivity through the metal which connects the light bulb to the camera. All the copper inside was rotten and useless so i had to re-create a pattern using conductive copper tape. Once the conductivity was working again, i had to focus on how to power the bulb. The light bulb i had to buy is 6.2 volts and 3.91 amps, which is quite high for a light bulb that size. Therefore i had to buy two batteries that were 3volts and 3.3 amps. Then i had to put them in parallel in order to have the right amount. After doing that i had to replace all the rotten wires inside of the camera and solder new ones. I finally installed a switch close to the moving platform inside the camera (the one that moves when you take a picture). I ended by hiding everything inside the camera.



Here’s the video of the final product : http://vimeo.com/30954887

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