Occupy WALLSTREET viewpoints

Since I have been in the States for a few months, I strongly find an interesting phenomenon which is media in China focuses viewpoints so differently on one event from that in the States.

Take the Occupy Wallstreet as an example, my friends in China usually ask how my life goes in the States, recently they tend to be curious about how much occupy wall street impact on New Yorker’s normal life. It is a little bit surprise when I access the Chinese webpage talking about  Occupy Wallstreet, most of them are really serious about it, they even only satirize the dark side. As we all known, media sometimes controlled by government in China, they speak what the government want – we are living a good life, while other countries are suffering. On the other hand, the American medias take the dark side of China as well. Because I am right now in New York and observe the Occupy Wallstreet just happens in neighborhood, I compared the views of medias in both two countries, the American media is talking about it on one side, while the Chinese is magnifying on the other side.


This piece named ” bullshit” . What you can do is to switch from one movie clip to another in order to get awareness of what the whole story is.

check it out!


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