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Final project – Rescue (animation)

          Title: Rescue Year: 2011 Animation/motion graphics   This piece was made by Lola and I, both of us like visuals and wold like to try some different ways of interpreting new tech and old tech. I came up with the initial idea, and we together shoot the video and did …

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proposal for third project


Occupy WALLSTREET viewpoints

Since I have been in the States for a few months, I strongly find an interesting phenomenon which is media in China focuses viewpoints so differently on one event from that in the States. Take the Occupy Wallstreet as an example, my friends in China usually ask how my life goes in the States, recently they …

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A Collection of Many Problems (In Memory of the Dead Media Handbook) – Garnet Hertz, 2009

Hey, everyone, here is a reference book for you all. Title: A Collection of Many Problems  Format: Bookwork and Card Set Bookwork: 166 pages, 4.25″ x 6.875″ perfect binding, white interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink, Telharmonium Press (Artist’s Proof Edition 1) September 2009. Related Exhibition, …

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One of our ideas – cappriccio

inspired by Jan Svankmajer’s work.   The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer 1987 Cappriccio is an Italia word, means based on imagination,close to the fantasia. As you can see, We have a printer, a motor and a light from printer, and a few small stuff ( small sensors, small swifter , round rubber eraser ) So far, we …

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scrapyard challenge #1 E-Junk

View No Scarpyard in 86th street in a larger map   I went along the 86th street for twice, where I am living in. First time, it was a Wednesday morning , no interesting, I saw a trash-man dealing with the junk stuff near by, and went to ask him where the nearest scrapyard was, …

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