Final project- “mouse”, “Candle”

The idea is that when people surf the internet and explore visual world, they only experience via ears and eyes.

As designers, we should guide audience to experience artworks via their whole body.

3D and 4D movies are the best examples for this.

Therefore, I think user mouse limits user’s sensory experience. And mouse should be not equal to hand extension.

I want to use ultrasonic sensor to measure people’s movement and project on my work.

I hope they can enjoy their body movement, not just mouse potato.

Thanks for Katherine’s big help, I borrow from her without waiting.

Here is my first experiment, and it is not harder than I thought!

ultrasonic sensor


ultrasonic sensor works finally!

red ellipse




I find there is one crazy app which is pretty similar to what I want to create!

When  you touched each item, it has sound!

And thanks for Katherine again and again that I borrowed the distance sensor to create interactive video as attached link.

Although the chip is not quite sensitive and has less sense range than does,

I really realized that creating one interactive installation is not difficult than I thought!


Thanks for one more suggestion from Katherine that she said that my original idea was to interactive with website via whole body instead of mouse, in other words, I should focus on my lower body.

Then I tried to come up with another idea, though it probably still doesn’t include dead technology. The idea is that modern people seldom use candle anymore because we already know how to utilize LED to create multiple crazy stuff! In Taiwan, we still can find candle is right on birthday cake, and wait for someone to blow out the candle.

Then I wanna use multiple LEDs to imitate the situation and wait for people to blow out. Even though it sounds a little bit hilarious but I love the non-smoking candles.

It is the picture and video.

blinking candle

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