Final Project – First On Twitter

For my final project I would like to iterate on a past project where tweets with hashtag breaking news interrupted a video of the news cast.
This time I would like to refine the banner where the tweet is displayed as a bubble that covers the mouth of the reporter and use a live TV stream instead of a news video playback.
I also want to take this opportunity to learn the new Xcode 4 and get back to coding, since I haven’t coded since my first semester.

The concept behind this project is that news no longer break on Television. News now breaks on Twitter, to the point that Twitter has become a source for news channels to report on.
This is an example of how technology is overriding the work of a news reporter who had to go out to the streets to find the story to report on. Now, anyone with a mobile phone can provide a piece of information and reach thousands, or millions in their network in an instant.

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