Final Project – First On Twitter – Process Part I

Reviving this project has been very challenging
The old sketch does not run on the new version of Openframeworks, and it does not run in the old computer where it was built on either. I am getting all sorts of errors which seem to point to core libraries.

First try:
Downloaded openframeworks version007 on my new laptop running Lion.
Searched for all the libraries I had used before hoping that they would still work and downloaded them into my new computer.
Realized that the open frameworks sketch is different than the one I learned on and read line by line to see what changed.
Began using the movie player example to refresh my memory.
Uploaded the text to speech library and got the computer to talk by pressing the space bar.

Second try:
Time to bring in the tweets
Downloaded an open frameworks twitter stream to my new sketch add on. Nothing happened.
Tried manipulating the example that came with the add on. Nothing happened.
Downloaded a second twitter (ofxTwitter) add on I found online, included the libraries that were listed on the header files, about 67 errors appeared. It didn’t work.
Removed the twitter add ons and tried the run the project again. 9 new errors from ofQuickTimePlayer.h came up. I searched online and I couldn’t find anything related that could help me in the forums.

Third try:
Went back to the old computer and tried running the old sketch again. Returned 8 Errors.
Uploaded the old sketch to the new computer. Returned 5 errors.
I talked to Jeff Crouse and I learned something new. He says that sometimes when a new version comes out the old sketches stop running, even in the same environment they were built on. He also said that since my old computer is running Leopard that could also have something to do with the code not working.
He hadn’t seen the ofQuickTimePlayer.h errors I was getting, so we re-installed Openframeworks again, and created a new sketch using my very first sketch I had with the movie and the text to speech and it worked! Again!
I showed Jeff the twitter add-on I used and he said that I should try using a json wrapper that works with this new version of openframeworks and that he will send me an example so I can see how it works.
To get the video from the TV into the computer, Jeff says that I should use a TV tuner and use the movieGrabber example.

Right now the main goal is to get all the tweets working again.

With this project I am also feeling a bit like an old technology that is being updated!

Fourth try:
I downloaded a new Jon sample and tried to run it but the sample didn’t work. Again it showed core library errors. I did some digging and apparently it was missing a curl file. I uploaded it but I don’t know the configuration so unfortunately I couldn’t fix it.

Fifth try: SUCCESS!
A friend sent me a different Json sample that works and I began writing a new twitter code. I noticed that the code in the Json library changed. Now has fewer lines of code, but I was able to figure out how the classes changed and how to declare the new objects to parse the user name and the text of the tweet. I am very happy that I got to update myself with the technology. I was able to relearn Xcode, Openframeworks and the Json library!

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