Final Project – First On Twitter – Process III

Today I went dumpster diving!(photos)
My favorite E-waste dumpster had the TV I was looking for! It was all the way in the bottom of the dumpster so I had to dive in! My mom took pictures and helped me get it out. There was a huge wood frame TV set right on top of it.

I had to push it out of the way and then lift the TV set from inside the dumpster and out! Luckily my mom was with me to give me a hand.

The iGrabber arrived today! I connected it straight from the TV digital converter and it worked perfectly. BUT, Openframeworks is not recognizing it. It says “device unavailable.” I posted a question on the OF forum. Hopefully I’ll be able to get an answer. I really want to be able to stream live TV on open frameworks.,8248.msg38411.html#msg38411

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