Lost tech project progress

Kate and I have decided to go with themes of broadcasting and who gets a voice. In the days that our vintage radios were made, the radio was the main focus of entertainment  as well as news. Only a select few would get the opportunity to have their voice be heard. Today, with Utube, Vimeo, blogs and podcasts, everyone gets a chance to talk. We want to bring that newfound ability back into the radio form. So we are creating an old school microphone that will be available in the 12th fl lab for anyone that has something to say. That will later be broadcast on one of our radios….

This took a long time to figure out how to hack this, but we eventually went with something really simple—the idea of hacking into walkie talkies which finally came in the mail this weekend (totally sold out at radioshack, it appears they are super popular for cruises)

We got them working on tuesday, and wil install next week, but here are some pictures to tide you over!

it works!!

deciding on boxes for the microphone…

our vintage broadcasting system~

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