Final Project – First On Twitter (Twitter News Network) – Process IV

Samsung TV 1983 Model No. CT-505LD Made in Korea
Polaroid TV/VGA Monitor
Openframeworks V.007

In terms of code, unfortunately, the iGrabber did not work with openframeworks and the forum was not helpful to find a way to make it work. I couldn’t get the live TV feed inside the openframeworks sketch.
So, I opened up the old TV and as a solution, I downloaded a video and added it to the code. I inserted a smaller working monitor inside the old TV and connected it to my laptop to display the code. To cover the empty spaces I cut and painted black a recycled sheet of poster board to give the illusion that the screen has a black frame around it.
I wanted to hack the volume knob so it could trigger the Polaroid monitor’s remote control, but I couldn’t get it open. The Polaroid monitor has control buttons on the upper part which are unreachable once it is inside the old TV frame.

I had considered using old news footage from past relevant events, (JFK assassination, man on the moon, etc.) but after seeing the code displayed inside the old TV frame I felt it could probably complicate or create confusion on the assignment of old technology being replaced by new tech.
I asked for feedback and everyone agreed that old news playing in the background may be too much, “too crowded.” So, I moved to creating the Twitter News Network.
The channel has the characteristic static from the old analog television and on top displays the breaking news tweets. The tweets are not filtered by hashtag. All tweets with the word “breaking news” will be displayed and read out loud by the computer.
In this case the old technology is the analog television, representing the old-fashioned almost non-existing way to report on the news. Overlaying on top is the new messy, crowded, unfiltered instantaneous way to disseminate information through the internet via a social network. A new way being adopted by television news and by millions of people around the world.

Here are my process pictures:

Scrapyard Challenge Dead/Lost Tech

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