Final project – Rescue (animation)






Title: Rescue

Year: 2011

Animation/motion graphics


This piece was made by Lola and I, both of us like visuals and wold like to try some different ways of interpreting new tech and old tech. I came up with the initial idea, and we together shoot the video and did half-half video editing. We really enjoyed the whole process and decided to keep on working on the animation later and tries to make it more perfect.

In regard of lost/found tech, we especially focused on the mp3 players. Since majority of this generation own at least one digital mp3 player, and music is occupy a lot of our free time, so using the music player will be more easier. The animation was suppose to display more visuals with beautiful incidental music, just like these ipod ad styles. And a tricky part of the idea seems to reveal that the battery issue of Apple products. and on the other hand, using an old player to rescue it seems to demonstrate the nostalgia a little bit.

During the process of shooting, we met a few difficulties. First of all, we did not have photography stage, because others were also doing their finals, lack of place and necessary equipment, we finally found a hidden corner just out of a faculty’s office at the back of our 12th floor. We spent an hour to set the lighting and camera testings, because there were also some other lights hanging on the celling disturbing us.  Second, both of us were lack of photography skill, so we spent another hour to set everything down, finally the shooting just lasted a few minutes.

Then we shared the photos and discussed how to edit since several shots needed effects. Three or four days later, we gathered the photos together, edited in  final cut pro, and I found some music for it, done!

This piece





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