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Final Synopsis

The first project was the goldburg machine. I actually did not participate in the first project since I started to semester a little late, and had trouble meeting with the assigned group. I did like the final outcome, all of the machines worked together. The second project was the lost tech I converted a laser …

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Facebook beeper

The goal for this was to find a functional beeper and have it relay facebook rss feeds. actually finding the beeper took a long time, so as a back up I attempted to make imitation beeper through arduino so it would achieve the same concept. There were some trials with this as well, now i’m …

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Laser Mouse

Re purposed an old laser mouse by replacing the internals with a laser diode from a flashlight. A switch housed in the button controls it.

Bose wave radio

I found an older model bose radio on the upper west side,  the display doesnt work, but it does have voltage. I tested several transistors getting different popping noises. My idea is to attach buttons and switches to several transistors. and make some kind of noise machine.

My neighborhood and work Trash map

These are the basic areas where I am looking for salvageable stuff, havnt found much as of yet, A few power chargers and a noise machine. -Mark