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Final Documentation

    Anti-GPS 1 Anti-GPS 2 Above are images from  my final project concerning lost and found tech. It is an Anti-GPS designed to get you lost. In an environment where we rely upon technology to get us to where we are going as quickly as possible we often are not aware of our surroundings and lose …

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Weekend Trash Picking

Over the weekend I went to check out Occupy Wall Street, and while wandering the streets down there I came upon a dumpster that looked as though a company (perhaps a health insurance co.) had recently cleaned office or shut down. There were tons of old files and paperwork along with furniture, several dell desktop …

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Updated Map and Assignment One

To date the useful things I have gathered on various trash runs include an epson photo quality printer, an oil lamp, poster tubes, a router, and a laptop mouse. Located below is a link to a map of my neighborhood and the locations of good trash areas or areas that I found the above material. …

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