Week 1: Reading

Response to: Lessons from the scrapyard: creative uses of found materials within a workshop setting

One of the most interesting things to me about scrapyard challenge is how the class is going to be taught. I did not realize how hard it is to tech/learn skills such as hacking and circuit bending. This is another thing that makes the class so unique is the way the curriculum has to be laid out in order for the students to get the most out of the class.
The fact that each class has a set of rules and time limitation, gives the participant the feeling of continuous thought. This prevents people from overanalyzing what they are doing and to just jump into it.
Realizing the term Scrapyard is considered a “low-art” term brings a little humor into the situation since most of the objects we have been asked to bring in or I have seen being thrown away are expensive pieces of technology.

Response to: 7 Overrated Technologies and Their Underrated Low-Tech Alternatives

I understand that E-Books can been seen as a “green solution” but the problem stills lays there, it’s a piece of technology and technology outdates rapidly. Even right now I can tell you E-Books are out of date and most people are using their ipads 2 (not one but two) to read books. What happens to this old E-Book? It probably got tossed in the garbage with all the original ipads when the ipad 2 was released. Do you really need to pay anywhere from $50-$900 for a device then an addition $10 for each book? Just because it’s technology doesn’t mean it’s green, when happens to that product when it’s out of date? Books still make sense to me, going to the library is free and easy, and they are also biodegradable.
The term vampire power is so clever. I have seen the advertisements on the subway for being green and I love the campaign! Speaking of the subway, mass transit is a big thing in NYC, it’s a great way to save money and get around without the hassle of driving. Matter of fact, being green helps you save.
After moving to NYC and having lived here for about a year, I find that I don’t like things laying around my apartment. I don’t really have a lot of space and like most people in the city, I’m not sure when I’ll be moving next. So why accumulate the junk? I always pack my lunch when going to work and carry a clothe bag in my purse in case I want to buy something.

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