Lessons from the scrapyard: creative uses of found materials within a workshop setting:
As I’m interested in Dada movement before and those found object as Art. It’s a very fascinating to me for this Scrapyard Challenge in the way that it’s a combination between DIY from Punk movement + Hacking + + ‘Low Art’ of Pop culture + Interactive media. Moreover, it emphasises in creativity and dissolves boundary between advance and novice with broadminded. All the examples are very interesting and would be challenging to me, since I’ve never done so and don’t know how.
This is one of my favorite part.
‘The value of the Scrapyard experience for such an individual comes
from ‘‘breaking the rules’’ in order to encourage mental and creative flexibility.’

7 Overrated Technologies and Their Underrated Low-Tech Alternatives:

It’s quite irony to me when some people try to claim themselves ‘green’ or ‘natural friendly’ by using very complicated technology. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In this case like Ebook or Ipad, reminds me a little of what Nasa tried to do in the 60’s when the astronauts floated in space and found out that they couldn’t use pen and tried so hard to make an innovation like ‘space pen’

, while Russians tried to use pencils instead.
Anyway, I like this attempt of using Non technology methods instead of spending too much. In Thailand there is some attempt to help environment as well, as I remembered. Street vendors used plates made of banana leaves instead of plastic or used the low technology like hanging plastic bags filled up with water under ceiling to chase flies away, by reflecting light, instead of using complex machine.

I believe problems should be solved more with the bigger level. We’re all influenced by philosophy of Modern era, which developed from Renaissance to praise and appreciate new things or ideas all the time cause people to spend and do things redundantly, work too much and also use too much to fulfill themselves. In the end we try to console ourselves by saying we’ve already help energy problem by fixing these tiny parts of the system.

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