reading: lessons from the scrapyard


In last week, that was my first time to heard about the interesting term, ” lost technology.” For me, I think technology definitely bring lots of advantages to people, however, there must something we lost from this advance, such as friends. As international student, the only way I can contact with my Taiwanese friends is either email or other related social softwares. However, does that really shorten our distance? If I get used to relying on technology, I probably will ignore something that result in terrible mistakes between us and cannot explain and clarify what I really want to express in short time because we live in different time zones.  Take another one for example. Some people said the rise of carbon dioxide is increasing because of technology, but some scientists said that they can use a little bit of chemistry powder and technology to lower down increasing temperature  and  make another ice age. Then what is the definition of technology? Do we have right to get everything under our control like world creator? Then why don’t we foresee the result if we really are world creator? Maybe it talks about issue of supply and demand sides. Do we really need this device? Then why are there so many discarded materials on the street? Scrapyard Challenge is really like a great challenge. Most of my friends cannot understand why I must take this class and complete one ugly MIDI junk. As mentioned in the reading, the most important thing I will challenge is to come up with creative idea to redesign this discarded material and make it work again! The meaning of technology is not always expensive, and we can collect our resource from junk! If you want to create artworks with technology, in this way, you can start anytime you want! I think before the work has commercial value, performance or its looking is not the most important thing we ask for. That might be like one creative experiment. No limitation is the best way to make creative works.

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