Popping them Poppers

Here’s a progress report of our Rube Goldberg machine

First of all we warmly welcomed with our whole hearts, our addition to the group, Joe.

It was good having you Joe.

We then managed to set up, with the damage to one of our printers under control,  a small chain of events, similar to our initial concept with a couple of new additions of the popper, iron rod and the cooling fan.

So the events are as the following:

1) Some sort of non-electronic mechanism that triggers the cartridge slider to slide towards the center, whilst pulling the tail of a party popper on the opposite end. The needle attached to the cartridge holder which also then pops a ballon producing an explosion of confetti/snow flakes;
2) The slider smashes into two switches attached at the center then,
3) Sets off the paper feeders;
4) Feeder on the left starts rolling and shoots out paper bills;
5) Feeder on the right starts rolling, pushing the iron rod forward, which then conducts electricity to power the cooling fan, as well as the motor that triggers another party popper.
6) BOOM and we’re done.

We apologize for any sudden explosions back in the P-Comp lab and hope that no one got hurt/scared. Here is a documentation of one of our popper moments.

Here’s Terese with our machine.

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