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Dead Tech Final_Knot & Lola

So for our dead tech project Knot and I wanted to ‘Revive the spirits of the African-American music from the old vinyls into the new living forms again’ hence we attempted to deconstruct and reconstruct vintage vinyls into traditional African masks and hoped to have our audiences trigger (snippets of ) music/ embedded (with sensors) within the masks that paid homage to …

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Progress _ Not & Lola

So just a recap we had an awesome amount of vinyl records and wanted to (try to) reuse them for a sculpture(s) for the upcoming assignment.  The inspiration came from Willie Cole Shine’s amazing abstract mask made from found heels so we thought we might try with vinyls. We initially thought it was hard to …

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Popping them Poppers

Here’s a progress report of our Rube Goldberg machine First of all we warmly welcomed with our whole hearts, our addition to the group, Joe. It was good having you Joe. We then managed to set up, with the damage to one of our printers under control,  a small chain of events, similar to our …

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Rube Goldberg Progress & Damange Report

Our group was able to get our hands on two old printers and had to do something with them. There wasn’t much electronics to work with so we decided to focus on the non-electronic mechanisms that we were able to trigger with what we have and to have fun! So this was what we were thinking: This …

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Reading Response

A couple of the high-tech solutions with low-tech alternatives sort of gave me a slap in the face. The library is a wealth of knowledge and answers but most of us take it for granted. When it comes to general readings we tend to turn to bookshops and grabbing new books off the shelves.  Why …

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Scavenging Adventures Epi 1

So I had the opportunity to explore two areas of Manhattan, the Upper West and K-Town, as I had to move twice within a week (urgh). I went scavenging alone (in daytime) the first round and my housemate wanted to join the second time (at night). 1) Upper West Prior to moving into my permanent …

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