The first assignment- rotating balls!!

Parinot and WenChing

At the beginning of the class, I totally had no idea how to tell the grand and power and how to trigger these physical stuff. It seems that I still stand outside and didn’t know how to give help to another team member. Thanks for Katherine again that she agreed with my new decision of grouping a new team with Parinot. Although we only had one week left before presentation, I DID learn a lot from Parinot. When I got confused about what  he wanted to do, and he usually answered, “I don’t know, but we have to try!” And we did try many ways to connect those steel channels and how to put those steel in right place and angel for balls. Finally, the balls can be put down because of AC power of fan with wire on it, and then those conductive balls can trigger samller DC fan again. Because we were the last one to present, we prepare one tissue paper with words on it. When the smaller fan was turned on, the paper tissue could be blowed up.

Also the experience I learned from Parinot was that he definitely is a hard-working student. When we decided to finished the assignment that night, it was already night o’clock already. And I saw he could keep working with any rest until we left around 2 am. He was keep asking me, “Are you ok? ” I consider he probably would be a great member of thesis in the second year.

Here are our working pictures.And we created channels for balls, and those conductive balls will trigger the fan finally!


rotating ball



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