Project 1: Write up

1. Who was in your group?

Elizabeth Clare and Xiaoye Lin (Lain)

2. What did you create?

We built a switch that drops from a pole to trigger the motor on the printer to start spinning the conveyer belt.

3.What junk did you use to build your project?

We used the motor and conveyer belt from an old printer, aluminum foil, a metal sheild from a light, hot glue, lots and lots of hot glue

4. How did it turn out? Were you happy with the results?

I wish we could have done more but since none of us really know a lot about machine building or what we were doing it was kind of difficult.

5.What new things did you learn about interface design?

It seems like newer machines are built to be thrown away when they are broken, unlike older machines where you are able to take them a part easily.


I made a video for the pricey, I want to narrate it so I should have it up by the end of the weekend!

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