Dead Tech assignment- NES usb controller


For this assignment the class is tasked with revitalizing dead or out dated technology. I have decided to refit an old nes controller to work with a the usb ports so that I may play video games on my computer.


I have found an old nes controller and an old out of use keyboard. After researching on the topic at hand, I have decided to take the keyboard control board and map the nes buttons to the key press sensors on the keyboard control board via soldered wire.



To do this, I firstly needed to discover which sensors represent which keys on the keyboard control board. I achieved this by testing each connection. I plugged the keyboard into my computer via is existing usb connection. Then I studied the circuit mapping inside the keyboard and decided that the circuitry worked within two circuit groups. (every keyboard is different) I tested the keys  by  touching the end of a wire from from group a onto a sensor within group b until I received a desired key. This key will be mapped to the controller and later mapped to my nes emulator.  This was a long task that took me a few hours.  ( there are a few details I’m leaving out right now that I will include in my following posts on this project. For now this should suffice.)


At this point I’m going to attempt to solder wires from the nes control board to the keys I have discovered on the keyboard control board and test.


Personally, I feel that I’m learning more that I initially  assumed  I would, and that is awesome.

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