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Airplane Office

I met this artist recently. Patrick Carrara is a Brooklyn artist who built office furniture with an airplane wing and screw propeller.

House of the Rising Sun Using Old Electronics!

This is the BEST video ever:

ARGO Electronics – Canal Street – Good Place For Junk

ARGO Electronics on Canal Street and 6th Ave is a great place to get used electronics and cheap junk for your projects: View Larger Map

Exploded Clock Radio

Here’s a photo of an exploded radio by Todd Mclelan. Some really nice photos of exploded and taken apart objects on his site. Here’s a full photo shoot of his work.    

Tweephone Brings Twitter To Rotary Phones

Tweephone is a cool way to connect to twitter over a dead / lost technology. Tweephone is the first analogue twitter client.

Dead Tech assignment- NES usb controller

  For this assignment the class is tasked with revitalizing dead or out dated technology. I have decided to refit an old nes controller to work with a the usb ports so that I may play video games on my computer.   I have found an old nes controller and an old out of use …

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Game controls hacks

Here’s 9 pages of game controls hacks. Enjoy!

A Collection of Many Problems (In Memory of the Dead Media Handbook) – Garnet Hertz, 2009

Hey, everyone, here is a reference book for you all. Title: A Collection of Many Problems  Format: Bookwork and Card Set Bookwork: 166 pages, 4.25″ x 6.875″ perfect binding, white interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink, Telharmonium Press (Artist’s Proof Edition 1) September 2009. Related Exhibition, …

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Neil Seldman Lecture!

Here are my notes from Neil Seldman‘s Talk about Recycling in the US to our class on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Neil Seldman Talk Sustainability, decentralization, democracy, development, solid waste New Rules – laws needed for sustainable economy Economic development in rural areas. Garbage, solid waste Municipal Solid Waste – throw out 250 million tons …

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Dead Tech Application – Floppy Drives

Here’s some dead tech and other mechanical bits being used to make music. The first one is a pair of old floppy drives playing the Imperial March from Star Wars.     Another from the same guy uses an old keyboard as an digital piano.     This one is less dead tech but it …

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