Final Project – concept

Here’s my idea for the final project :

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I was lucky enough to win a bet with a friend (something about the melting temperature of a plastic..) and got his superb grammaphone!I started working on the project. Here’s what i want to do : i will place a woofer inside of the grammaphone’s horn, and connect it to an amplifier, an arduino and a computer. It will basically be a “remake” of the grammaphone or “a new version” of it. The role of the arduino is to be connected to the LoL Shield, which will be reacting to the sound waves, it will displayed an audio spectrum. That will not be the only option, i also want to use the “crank”, basically triggering an energy or something when the platform is moving. Cf. Diagram below

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  1. So you want to put a speaker inside the original machine and have a light readout of the noise levels? Interesting, but I think it should do more than this – somehow inform the previous functionality of the device – such as use the record player for something new (perhaps to scratch digital music) or adjust volume levels, etc? I think it would be interesting to use the mechanisms of the gramaphone to effect the sound in some way – you are on the right track with the crank, but it needs to do more.

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