readings : week 1

7 Overrated Technologies and their Underrated Low-Tech Alternatives

I thought this was an interesting article because it points out how newer technologies are useful, but not necessarily the only way of maintaining green solutions. Libraries are now being utilized by fewer and fewer people because of the rise in E-books, Kindle etc. Electronic books are environmentally friendly, save space and extremely convenient. The only time I read E-books is when I’m traveling, otherwise I like having the physical book because it makes it easier and more enjoyable for me to read. Since there’s such a wide variety of books at Bobst NYU Library and other Parsons’ Libraries, I always check out before thinking to purchase the electronic version.

When I lived in San Francisco, I normally drove my car over riding my bike. A lot of it had to do with the hills and feeling unsafe. Since I moved, I have been riding my bike almost every day. The only time I ever miss having a car is when I’m not on my bike. It really is the best way to go places, especially in Brooklyn. I support newer technologies that offer greener alternatives to transportation, but Hybrid cars for example, are expensive and not easy to maintain.

Compost disposal is way more prevalent in California because the garbage trucks pick up 3 separate trash bins per house : regular trash, recycling and compost. Composting machines aren’t necessary because the city provides a bin for each residence or business. I was kind of surprised when I got to NY and found out that this disposal wasn’t available and only trash and recyclable waste were picked up.

Lessons from the Scrapyard : Creative Uses of Found Materials within a Workshop Setting

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